Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Perception of Time

Because the past is only a memory and the future has not occurred, the past and future only exist in our minds. This leaves the present. However, the duration of the present is subject to the individual. The length of a minute heavily depends on the inner clock of the person, the action of the person, and the changing thought process of the person. It is suggested that people are aware of time not through our five senses, but rather by our thought process and its changing pattern. Because the past and future only exist in our minds, they are subject to our perception of the events of those tenses. Our memories are obviously distorted by our perception of events, but so is our future. The future is a picture, sequence of events that is made up of our individual fantasies and fears. Once the future becomes a reality, it is readily a memory, depending on the duration of its present existence. Because of this, our failures, fears, and worst memories merely exist in our minds. They do not account for anything but the memory. Time dictates our lives. However, time only exists in our minds. If time only exists in our minds, then does our whole existence merely reside in our minds?

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lily said...

well said.
if everything exists in the past, and things that occur in the past cease to exist, does anything really exist? fascinating stuff